Friday, April 13, 2012

The July 31st Transportation Referendum – VOTE NO.

The July 31st Transportation Referendum – VOTE NO.

Blacks and others in DeKalb and Fulton County who already pay one cent would be paying two cents. Other suburban and rural counties would be paying one cent. The math is simple.

The proposed tax is unfair and racist.

The State of Georgia will take over and operate MARTA. This will lead to privatization and loss of jobs for Blacks and others.

DeKalb will not have fair representation on the MARTA Board of Directors.

The regional Transportation roundtable has 21 members. The tax paying counties have 4 votes and non-tax paying counties have 17 votes. DeKalb never had a chance for the I-20 rail.

The DeKalb County Commission and MARTA recommended the I-20 rail but the roundtable turned it down.

Blacks are always under served and never get a fair share of taxes paid.

Cherokee, Clayton, Cobb, Douglas, Fayette, Gwinnett, Henry and Rockdale counties have never paid a penny to support MARTA.

We are asking Blacks and right thinking people in all 10 counties to oppose the one-cent transportation tax.

For more information, call the DeKalb County Branch NAACP, 404 241-8006.