Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Employment Opportunity Links

Due to limited space, we are providing the following links to job opportunity pages, where weekly/daily updates are posted.

1) For referrals to veterans under the provisions of the Jobs for Veterans Act of 2002 (38 USC 4212(a) go to:

2) For job listings on the Georgia Department of Labor website, go to

Click on “JOB SEEKERS” (top of page)

Click on “FIND A JOB”


Under "Job Openings in Georgia", select the locations, types and category that you want to review, and this will take you to job listings. Review all of the requirements for the jobs that you are interested in and ensure that you meet these requirements. Then follow the instructions and apply. If you meet the qualifications you can do one of the following:

a) Write down the job number and come in and ask to see an employment specialist.

b) You can apply online using your PIN that you established. There will be a Skills Block where you should include how you meet the minimum requirements for the job. In summary, you will receive an email that you are qualified/not qualified. If qualified, you will receive a referral and the employer's information will be provided.

The DeKalb Center is located at:

3879 Covington Highway, Decatur GA 30032, Phone - 404-298-3970