The GA. Works program was updated and newly modified last month. The program now states, if you are unemployed, and are NOT receiving benefits, you CAN participate in the GA. Works program". For those of you that know someone and is unemployed, he/she can go to the unemployment office, register ask to sign up for the program, and go to orientation for details!
Again-be a registered unemployed constituent, and register which takes about an hour. The program is designed to help unemployed constituents find work, train with a company, that is either in the Dept of Labor database or a company of the constituents choice. (If the company agree).
The GA. Works program will pay $600.00 for 6 weeks every 2 weeks. Hopefully the company will hire you after the paid six weeks training.

For more information please contact the Dept. of Labor or refer to http://www.dol. us/spotlight/ sp_georgia_ works.htm