Sunday, April 25, 2010

Available stimulus programs for Georgia Residents

There IS help! Encourage Families to apply for the programs for which they need assistance. Take this information back to your community organizations, businesses church, e-mail lists, fb, twitter....whomever in GA (Statewide).

The mission of the Georgia Department of Human Services is to provide Georgia with customer-focused human services that promote child and adult protection, child welfare, stronger families and self-sufficiency.

Below are the programs available to Georgians.

-Georgia TeenWork 2010Teens and Employers apply online

-Adult Subsidized Employment:
Employers contact:
Job Seekers contact:

-Georgia Fatherhood Program:
Contact for more information.

-Energy Assistance Program:
Applicants are urged to call 1-800-869-1150 or visit to locate the nearest community action agency in their area.

-Childcare Assistance:
To apply for TCCA please go to
Call 1-866-371-8222 for a paper application or for more information