Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Please Note:
This is an election year for officers and members at large in the DeKalb NAACP.
For the purpose of running for office, the term “Member In Good Standing”, shall mean that the person must be a bona fide member of the Branch by April 1st and must live and/or work within the Branches jurisdiction.

You are cordially invited to a Candidate Forum hosted by NAACP DeKalb County Branch Saturday, March 15, 2014 at 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
South DeKalb Office Park (Conference Room) 3015 South Rainbow Drive  - Decatur, Georgia 30034
Featuring Candidates Seeking Election for: DeKalb Board of Education Districts 1-7
District 1                                                         District 5
Stan Jester                                                        Pia “Chaz Afzal” Bhatti
   Jesse “Jay” Cunningham
District 2                                                         R. Alexander Fitzhugh
Don McChesney                                              Thad Mayfield (I)
Marshall Orson (I)                                             Vickie B. Turner
District 3                                                         District 6
Jerrie D. Bason                                                Bridgeman Bolger
Michael A. Erwin (I)                                          Melvin Johnson (I)
Jarrod Jordan
Atticus LeBlanc                                               District 7
Willie R. Mosley, Jr.                                        Kim Ault
 Lee V. Dukes
District 4                                                         Joyce Morley (I)
Karen Carter (I)
Jim McMahan (I)
John Oselette
Ella “Coach” Smith

The NAACP non-partisan Candidate Forums are designed to empower communities by increasing awareness and participation in the full political process. We encourage the participation of everyone and seek to educate and inspire greater voter participation.