Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Georgia State Conference NAACP urges caution at polls

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Contact: Mr. Edward O. DuBose
President, Georgia State Conference
Office:  404 577-8977


NAACP Warns Voters about Possibly Faulty Voting Machines/Galvanizes Opposition to Charter School Amendment.

Atlanta, GA- On Thursday, November 1, 2012 at 2:00 p.m., Georgia State Conference (GSC) NAACP President, Mr. Edward O. DuBose and the NAACP Leaders will hold a Press Conference at the Georgia State Capitol Building to warn voters about a peculiar voting machine irregularity and to speak out against “Charter School” Amendment HR 1162.

“I am deeply concerned about a voting machine error that could have prevented an experienced voter from selecting the presidential candidate of her choice,” stated DuBose. The incident occurred on Monday, October 29th at an early voting location in Macon County when an African-American voter tried to cast a vote for the incumbent President, Barack Obama, but, was unable to because the machine selected and “locked-in” Governor Mitt Romney instead.

Despite making several attempts, the voter was unable to correct the problem, and decided to request the help of a poll worker. The frustrated voter indicated voting in many elections before this and knowing how to properly use Georgia voting machines but insists that the machine wasn’t working properly with respect to the presidential race. Voting for candidates in the other races was not a problem for the voter.

The voting experience led to a Secretary of State inquiry that resulted in the machine’s removal from service. But President DuBose isn’t sure that the issue has been completely resolved. “We need reassurance from Secretary of State, Mr. Brian Kemp that the previous users of the same machine haven’t been deprived of the right to select the candidate of their choice in the presidential election due to the faulty equipment,” he stated. “More importantly, I want to be reassured that no other voting machines contain the same or any other defects,” stated DuBose.

During the press conference, DuBose will warn voters to be vigilant at the polls and pay close attention to avoid error and detect computer malfunctions. He also intends to urges Georgians to vote against public charter school amendment HR 1162. “The amendment doesn’t pose a question about whether you support charter schools,” explained DuBose. “The amendment usurps control from local voters and local school boards and gives it to state bureaucrats appointed by the Governor if passed. We just can’t afford to do that,” he warned.

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WHO: Georgia State Conference NAACP Leaders
WHAT: Press Conference
WHEN: Thursday, November 1, 2012 at 2:00 p.m.
WHERE: Georgia State Capitol Bldg., Located at 206 Washington Street, Atlanta, GA 30334 (Front Steps)

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