Thursday, August 19, 2010

68th Annual NAACP Georgia State Convention and Civil Rights Conference

The 68th Annual NAACP Georgia State Convention and Civil Rights Conference will convene in DeKalb County, GA
October 6-10, 2010

DeKalb County has grown from a sleepy community of 2500 to Georgia’s third largest county with over 700,000 residents. DeKalb’s population supplants states of Vermont, Wyoming, Alaska and North Dakota. Nestled in the heart of the Atlanta region, DeKalb has four major interstates, it is not hard to see why DeKalb is home to Emory University, the Center for Disease Control, and AT&T.
DeKalb is primarily a suburban county, and is the second-most-affluent county with an African-American majority in the United States, behind Prince George's County, Maryland in suburban Washington D.C. It is for this reason that we’re excited that, for the first time in its 55-year history, that the DeKalb County Branch is the host branch for this, the 68th Annual NAACP Convention!
The NAACP Georgia State Conference chose DeKalb County as the host for our 68th Annual State Convention and Civil Rights Conference due to the efforts of Immediate Past President Yvonne Hawks, Esq. and the Members of the DeKalb County Branch.
The theme for this year’s convention is "One Nation: One Dream!"
This year’s conference is hosted by the DeKalb County Branch and is designed to provide you with the necessary tools and guidance needed to move our State and your unit to the next level. So, the convention is designed to ensure that we have the most equipped troops on the ground to carry out the work of the NAACP in every community.
With the convention a little under two months away, and its time to start gearing up for what will be yet another terrific event. We have gotten a lot of good questions and wanted to send information to all units to answer those questions and provide further details. 68th Annual NAACP Georgia State Convention & Civil Rights Conference Mailing 2
We anticipate over 300-500 volunteers from every corner of our beautiful state of Georgia to participate in this intense leadership training and development conference. During the conference we will have workshops and training sessions in a variety of areas.
68th Annual Convention Headquarters
All business sessions and most ticketed events of the 68th Annual Georgia State Convention will be held at the Antioch-Lithonia Missionary Baptist Church, 2152 Rock Chapel Road, Lithonia.
Lodging Information
For the first time ever, delegates to our 68th Annual State Convention have a choice of hotels—all adjacent to one another-- right in the heart of the fabulous Mall of Stonecrest, one the newest and largest commercial developments in Georgia.
Hyatt Place-Atlanta East Singles, $99 Doubles, $99
7900 Mall Ring Road
Lithonia, GA
(770) 484-4384
Fairfield Inn-Atlanta East/Lithonia Singles $94 Doubles, $94
7850 Stonecrest Square (next door to the Hyatt Place)
Lithonia, GA
(770) 484-9993
Please be sure to ask for the NAACP Block when making your reservations with either hotel. RESERVATION CUT-OFF IS SEPTEMBER 15, 2010, SO UNITS ARE ENCOURAGED TO MAKE THEIR RESERVATIONS AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE.

Convention Registration
Please find enclosed one convention registration form along with instructions. Please review the form carefully, complete and return to the State Conference Office before the September 17, 2010 deadline to receive the discounted rates and package deals. You’ll see that we’ve created two new adult registration packages, which each include basic registration along with breakfast, luncheon and banquet tickets. We strongly urge every unit to take advantage of advance registration and not wait to register on-site.
Convention Voting Delegate Strength
Per the Bylaws, representation shall be based on the Unit’s membership as recorded in the National Office, sixty (60) calendar days prior to the opening date of the Annual Convention. Therefore, voting delegate strength will be based upon memberships as recorded in the National Membership Department on August 7, 2010. 68th Annual NAACP Georgia State Convention & Civil Rights Conference Mailing 3
State Conference Assessments
State Assessment fees are due and payable, and must be paid 60 days (August 7, 2010) prior to the opening of the State Convention. By now, most of you have already paid your 2010 Assessments, however, if you are not sure about the amount owed, please contact the State Conference Office immediately. This information was sent out to all branches in a separate mailing earlier this year which showed the amount due. These funds are needed in order to ensure the necessary support of the State Conference Office.
Souvenir Journal Advertisement
♦ Full Page $500
♦ ½ Page $350
♦ ¼ Page $200
Please note that the deadline to submit your ad for the souvenir journal is Friday, September 17, 2010.
Due to the tight timeframe that we are working with, we will not be able to accept any ads after this deadline date.
State Conference Award Nominations and Criteria
Enclosed, please find the information and directions for submitting nominations for the awards to be presented at the Annual Convention. The deadline to submit information is September 17, 2010. Remember, your information must be physically received in the office by this date to be considered by the committee and no more than five (5) pages of supporting material will be accepted!
Freedom Awards Banquet
Throughout the convention, the dress will generally be business casual. For the Annual Freedom Awards Banquet on Saturday, October 9, participants should come dressed in evening attire to help celebrate the work of the NAACP and this year’s winners of the Georgia State Conference awards.
Youth Night Program
What Campaign would be complete without promotion? This year, as in years past, we are giving each unit coming to the convention the opportunity to display their NAACP spirit by wearing their unit’s NAACP T-Shirts and displaying your banner. The t-shirts will be used during the Youth Night Program scheduled for Friday, October 8, to rally NAACP support. So, don’t miss out on this opportunity to show your NAACP pride. 68th Annual NAACP Georgia State Convention & Civil Rights Conference Mailing 4
Memorial Listings
We lost many movers and shakers in our local branches this year. Help us to always remember those individuals who we should never forget! As in years past, we want to have a list of those individuals to be memorialized during the Annual Mass Meeting and Memorial Service on Thursday, October 7, 2010, during the State Convention. Please email your names to: or fax them to (404) 577-4593 by Friday, September 17, 2010.
Permission and Medical Release Forms
Parental Consent and Medical Release Forms must be completed for each member under the age of 18 years of age who will attend the convention. College students are not required to complete the Medical Release Form. However, we strongly urge you to do so! Enclosed, please find these important documents.
Membership Laydown
All units are encouraged to participate in the Annual Membership Laydown. Remember, Membership Is a Priority!! We will award units who have raised the most memberships from January 1, 2010 to the Opening Day of the Convention. Units and individuals awards will be presented during the Walter C. Butler, Jr. Membership Luncheon on Friday, October 8, 2010. Please be sure to include a copy of your check!!
 ADULTS: Friday, October 8, 2010, at 10:00 A.M.
 YOUTH/COLLEGE: Saturday, October 9, 2010, at 10:00 A.M.
Unit Leadership Council Meeting & Luncheon
In an effort to bridge the communication gap among unit leaders, this year we will continue the Unit Leadership Council Meeting. This meeting is only for Presidents, Secretaries, and Treasurers and will be held on Thursday, October 7, 2010. These officers are asked to arrange their schedules to be present and participate in this important meeting. Enclosed, please find the registration form that must be completed and returned to the State Conference Office by Friday, September 17, 2010, to confirm your participation. As always, we have limited space for this event. So please register early to secure your spot! 68th Annual NAACP Georgia State Convention & Civil Rights Conference Mailing 5
4th Annual William J. Breeding, Sr. Memorial Golf Tournament
The NAACP Georgia State Conference will host its 4th Annual William Breeding, Sr. Memorial Golf Tournament on Wednesday, October 6, 2010, at the Mystery Valley Golf Course, 6094 Shadow Rock Drive. Lithonia. Shoot-off is scheduled for 1:30 p.m.
The golf tournament is designed to honor Mr. Breeding for his years of dedicated and valued service to the NAACP, education, and his favorite sport, golf.
Voted in the 1970's by Golf Digest as one of the top 50 courses in America to play, Mystery Valley Golf Club has become a staple in the Atlanta Metro golf market.
Veterans Affairs GALA
The State Conference will be celebrating and honoring the valuable contributions of veterans throughout the state at the Veterans Affairs GALA which will be held on Friday, October 8th.
Unit Requests
All requests for charters, mergers, bylaws and the like must be submitted to the State Office for submission to the National Field Operations Department Office by no later than September 30, 2010, for consideration at the October Board Meeting. All packages should be complete with requisite letters, minutes, etc. Please contact the Field Operations Department at (410) 580-5110, if you have questions, and send a copy of your information to the State Office.
Advance Resolutions
At the July 2009 State Quarterly Meeting, the general membership adopted the following policy for resolutions to be considered at the Annual State Convention: "All units interested in submitting resolutions for consideration at the Annual State Convention must do so no later than 30 days before the convention. So, copies of proposed resolutions can be sent to units prior to the state convention." All proposed resolutions to be considered by 68th Annual State Convention & Civil Rights Conference must be received into the office no later than September 24, 2010. Any resolutions received after that date and at the Convention will be handled as Emergency Resolutions."
Bids for Future State Conventions Any branch that is interested in hosting future State Conventions must be prepared to submit the following in order to be considered: 68th Annual NAACP Georgia State Convention & Civil Rights Conference Mailing 6
a. A letter from the Branch stating that the bid has been voted on and approved by the branch. A plan for raising funds to host the convention should be included in the letter. A copy of the minutes of the meeting in which the approval took place must be included.
b. A letter from an organization within the branches area (i.e. Chamber of Commerce, Convention & Visitors Bureau, etc.) indicating financial support for the convention. The branch shall also identify a venue with a minimum of 10,000 square feet that can reasonably accommodate our convention.
c. That the State Conference shall tentatively approve bids from units pending an initial site visit.
d. Beginning in 2009, the Time & Place Committee elected at each State Convention can only accept formal, written bids that are submitted from branches, and that all recommendations to the TIme & Place Committee for approval of a bid will be pending an initial site visit.
e. The Time & Place Committee makes its recommendations during the Annual Convention Final Plenary Session. Upon the close of the Annual Convention, the State Convention site recommendations become the purview of the State Conference President and the State Conference Executive Committee.
e. All bid materials must be typewritten.
f. Interested branches should begin now in assembling these items and not wait until the convention, as verbal and/or handwritten bids from branches will no longer be accepted. It’s strongly recommended to send a copy of the proposed bid to the State Office prior to the State Convention.
Thanks in advance for your immediate attention to the above information. Should you have questions or desire additional assistance, please contact the State Conference Office by calling (404) 577-8977, or via email at AND
Important Convention Deadlines
Lodging Registration Cut-Off September 15, 2010
Advance Registration September 17, 2010
Souvenir Journal Ads September 17, 2010
State Conference Awards September 17, 2010
Memorial Listings September 17, 2010
Unit Leadership Council Luncheon RSVP September 17, 2010
Advance Convention Resolutions September 24, 2010
We look forward to seeing you in Delightful DeKalb in October!