Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Improved NAACP website

As the nation's oldest and largest civil rights organization, the NAACP has always been a leader in the fight for justice and equality.Our work today is different but equally as important as our work 100 years ago. From challenging the rewrite of Texas textbooks and the fight for educational equity nationwide, to defending Troy Davis and tackling the problem of over-incarceration and disparities in the criminal justice system, the NAACP is creating a new frontline for protecting civil and human rights.So today we are announcing our new and improved NAACP website -- to bring you the tools you need to get informed and take action. Take a look:Action CenterWant to keep friends in the loop on upcoming NAACP events and milestones? Share our Facebook and Twitter pages or send a pre-written email to spread the word. Want to send a letter to your state legislator? All you need is a zip code to get started.Advocacy CenterEach of our advocacy program pages provides a hub of information about what we are doing to create change, and how you can get involved at the national and local levels. Explore the Advocacy Center to find out where your support is needed most.Mobile MessagingThe NAACP has volunteers and organizers located all across the country. Our reports from the ground will keep you informed via text message on events happening throughout the nation. This tool will ensure that you get the latest news and information, no matter where you are. Submit your cell phone number to start receiving reports.In these times of powerful progress and massive backlash, we have an obligation to adapt our strategies to fight back. The new NAACP website is approaching injustice head-on by empowering our community -- people like you -- to take action.
Check out the site. I think you'll like what you see.
Ben Jealous
President and CEO NAACP