Saturday, August 29, 2009

Call to Action

Save the Date:
What: Georgians Rally for Health Care Reform
When: Thursday, September 3, 12:00 noon, at the State Capitol

Dozens of organizations come together to urge their members to rally for the “Send Them Back to Work” event. Congressional break ends and it is time to rally for the public plan. More details coming soon…exceptional speakers, a chance to counter the misinformation of Tea Baggers and your opportunity to speak truth to power. A Sept. 2, 8:00 pm Vigil and Press Conference for Health Care Reform will also be held at the Capitol (supporters welcome to stand in support).

Let’s show our strength … we know that a large majority understands that the big insurance companies are putting enormous pressure on Congress. They want things to stay like they are and they will do whatever they can to derail the health care reform that our families need. We need you at the rally to send the message, Health Care Reform Can’t Wait!

State Representative Stephanie Stuckey Benfield
House District 85
940 Artwood Road, N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30307-1304
(404) 377-7014 (home)
(404) 656-7859 (Capitol)
(404) 964-7025 (cell)