Friday, June 12, 2009

Save Troy Davis from execution at

Save Troy Davis from execution at

Sign the petition and
help save Troy Davis
from execution.

Tonight I will be on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher talking about the most compelling case of innocence in several decades. I just met with Troy Anthony Davis, an African-American man in Georgia facing execution for a murder that all the evidence says he didn't commit.

I need your help to save Troy's life. Please visit our new campaign site,, to take action to stop his execution, which could be scheduled as soon as next month.

There is no physical evidence linking him to the crime and seven of the nine eyewitnesses have recanted or contradicted their testimonies. Some say they were coerced to lie by Savannah police. He has been on death row 18 years.

This NAACP campaign is not just online. NAACP organizers are on the streets and in the churches in Savannah, Georgia, working to persuade the new Chatham County District Attorney, Larry Chisolm, to reopen the case. Sign the petition now and organizers will hand it to the DA and Georgia's governor as well. This campaign is part of a larger NAACP program to reform our criminal justice system and end the mass imprisonment of our young people.

I hope you will also pass this e-mail along to your friends and ask them to sign the petition or buy an "I Am Troy" t-shirt and wear it to let other people know how they can help save Troy from wrongful execution.

Please, visit today and take two minutes to sign the petition.

With your help, we can save this innocent man's life.

Benjamin Todd Jealous
President and CEO

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