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Legislative Issues
The Georgia State Conference State Office, much like the Washington Bureau, is charged with turning NAACP state priorities, as approved by the Georgia State Conference, into public policy through the legislative process. General topics include the promotion and protection of civil rights, securing a fair and equal criminal justice system, ensuring high quality educational opportunities for all Americans, a fair labor environment, and securing affordable adequate housing and health care for all Americans. Dr. Francys Johnson serves the State Conference coordinating the State Office and connecting the state legislative agenda along with the State Political Action Committee chaired by Dr. Charles Smith of Augusta, Georgia.
The Georgia State Conference works in conjunction with the Washington Bureau. The current Director of the Washington Bureau, Mr. Hilary Shelton, has placed a renewed effort on engaging the grassroots NAACP membership in the federal legislative process. Thus the Bureau has heavily recruited NAACP branches, members and friends to join the Action Alert network, through which NAACP Action Alerts and Issue Updates are e-mailed or faxed letting the recipient know about actions on Capitol Hill that affect the NAACP legislative priorities and how people across the nation can have an effect on those actions.
Additionally, since 1914, the Washington Bureau has produced an annual NAACP civil rights legislative report cards. This resource is designed to provide NAACP members with insight into the general voting patterns of their congressional representatives (Senators and members of the House of Representatives) over the course of the year. The NAACP Civil Rights Legislative Report Card demonstrates how every Member of Congress voted on the bread and butter civil rights issues important to the NAACP.
Finally, as part of our mission, the Georgia State Conference takes pride in helping to educate and organize our grassroots membership and engage them in the state legislative process. As such, we offer a number of legislative advocacy tools for our members and friends to help them become more effective advocates.
State Resources
Information on Voter Registration Drives (PDF)
Sample, Voter Registration List, Creative Data Design Company (PDF)
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Federal Resources
Join the NAACP Washington Bureau Action Alert Network
Complete list of NAACP legislative Priorities for the 110th Congress
Complete list of NAACP legislative Priorities for the 109th Congress
NAACP civil rights legislative report cards
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